Mon Émile

Our family history

Mon Émile

The hospitality tradition of our family dates back to more than a century ago, in the Twenties, when great-grandparents Emilia and Antonio opened a grocer, a bakery, and a small inn in the very building that today hosts the Mon Émile hotel. Their activity continues up until the post-war years when the building turns into a ballroom for the small community of Saint-Christophe and simultaneously becomes a place of rebirth after the dark years of the history of Italy.

In the Fifties, our house facing the Mont Emilius changes its looks again: one part becomes the private apartment of the great-grandparents, the other turns into a bar with a grocery shop, while in the cellar - which you can still visit today - the wine coming from the family's vineyards is produced. This is the other great family passion that has been handed down from father to son thanks to dad Emilio and mum Lorella.

Today, thanks to the precious help of our friends at the Noussan winery, the wine that is produced and bottled in Saint-Christophe can be tasted and purchased at the Mon Émile hotel. 

In 1969, a big step is taken: the hotel, named Cristina in honour of the aunt, opens its doors. Thirteen rooms, a restaurant, a bar, plus a mountain of work and dedication. This new project of hospitality would involve the whole family up until 2010 when its doors closed to allow for a long period of refurbishment.

In 2022, it is Emanuela and Eleonora, great-granddaughters of Emilia and daughters of Emilio, who choose the new name for the hotel - now renovated and redesigned with love and care. Its name encapsulates the entire history of a family that grew up together, side by side, in front of the majestic Mont Emilius. A story that is made up of moments spent together after long and tiring days of work, of lives dedicated to hospitality, of deep connection with and respect for the surrounding territory.


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